AHFA Awards Evening

On the 10th April 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the AHFA’s Awards evening with the rest of my salon team, at the amazing Big Top in Luna Park, as a Finalist in the section of Excellence in Education.

This was the first year I had entered into the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in the Excellence in Education category which is probably one of the toughest categories in the competitions, with me up against some of my idols like Sharon Blain and Caterina Di Biase, and someone who has helped train me a few years like ago Dario Controneo.

So for me getting this recognition so early in my education career was a massive achievement for something I believes in so wholeheartedly. But has also shown and strengthened my resolve in creating an amazing education platform over the next few years.

The Night

After an amazing Red Carpet affair, we were let in to the pre-awards area, for a bit of light socialisation, and of course since we are talking about hairdressers a nice range of alcoholic beverages.

After a little bit of time, we were then let into the main awards hall, for a sit down dinner and the main affair. The announcement of the winners of all the sections in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards.

As you can see I wasn’t a winner on the night, but to be honest being in that sort of company was an honour all by itself.

Then it was into the after party, now that was so much fun. It’s great to catch up with so many friends from around the country. Not just chatting over sms and Facebook 🙂

So after a few hours of that, it was time to head home, mainly due to having to be at work 8hrs after I left. Just don’t ask how that day went…..

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